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Modern inn which renewed old Houses in Hida


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238 Nakao, Okuhida Onsen Village, Takayama City

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Nagano Expressway Matsumoto IC to R158 Hirayu, R471, Shin Hotaka 90 minutes. 80 minutes by R158 from Chubu Jukan Expressway Takayama-nishi IC

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Shinhotaka Ropeway will pick you up from Shinhotaka Ropeway. In addition, please understand that you may not be able to pick up and transfer a busy time to eat.
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Fumotoan Takizawa

  • "Fumotoan Takizawa" is such an inn

    Hidatakayama a Japanese modern inn that renovated old houses in Hidatakayama.
    It is a selfish house of a father I love old house and old material and furniture of Hida
    Stylish old-fashioned house style innocent to his father's face
    I intended to refurbish so that she will not be ashamed if she brings her precious person.

  • The charm of "Fumotoan Takizawa"

    I usually want to cut down the cost of refurbishing even if it is a little,
    Because it is an old private house which is my longtime dream of my father, the building cost took more than the inn.
    The size of the room is not very wide, but the interior is the same level as the inn.
    Inn though it is a Inn, it does not have to be there ... I think, but,
    Because it is the only hobby of my father ... Please forgive my wife!

    It was blown into the new life by Hida Takumi of carpenter Hida unique old houses.
    After all the genuine old private houses calm why for some reason


  • Magazine【dancyu】The hotel will be published in the August issue

    I'm sorry I took up a Inn like the hotel ...
    thank you very much.
  • In-house maintenance

    Outdoor bath fence was completed

    All the inner bath dressing room was refurbished

    A gates gate is opened in front of the entrance

    Inner bath detached room One room was renovated

    First floor Public toilet Basin refurbishment
    I made floor heating to the inside of the toilet by making full use of plenty of hot springs
  • To climbing customers

    Early morning It is possible from 5 o'clock.
     I will pick you up at the time of Shimoyama
     We will also keep cars during mountaineering period
     (There is a charge.2,000 yen)
     I make rice balls in the daytime
     Washing machine, drying room is equipped
     Supporting a mountaineering plan exactly!

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