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  • "A Men's Hideaway, KAKUREGA"Hidatakayama STYLE Special Room

    You can enjoy your favorite music and movies with the wood corn DVD compo of Victor, living room with high-quality genuine leather sofa tailored to guest room of Ki no Kuni Hidatakayama, living room with genuine direction.
    2 to 5 people,※As it is an adult space, reservations will be at least junior high school students
    40 m²
    Number of rooms
    Limited to 1 Room
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    WASHLET toilet washbowl, With floor heating
  • "Zen, ZEN"WASHLET·Floor heating with washbowl

    Renovating old Hida private houses, it became a modern room while using old materials.
    Okuhida richness and western style feel a mismatch, Japanese modern atmosphere that made use of old materials ...
    Withdrawing from one-pattern-style rooms that have always appeared anywhere
    From 2 to 3 people
    with Washlet, Toilet and Washbowl 17 sq m
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    WASHLET toilet washbowl, With floor heating
  • "sum, NAGOMI"washbowl without toilet floor heating

    It was renovated in 2008

    All the previous rooms were hidden behind the ceiling with a nice thick beam.
    My father who loves old houses loves to use this beam for somehow to live a life, and the mind starts to rise. In the end, all rooms and facilities are almost renovated.
    It became a wonderful space by carpenters of Hida Takumi.
    2 to 3 people, * 4 people are narrow
    Toilet No washplate 17 square meters
  • "A Danran, DANRAN"New Room Open 43 m2+with Washlet, Toilet and Washbowl Floor heating with Washlet, Toilet and Washbowl

    The renovation of room 200 has ended.
    A master carpenter of Hidatakayama's life brought life to an old private house in Hida.
    Rooms that you can feel like Okuhida Hidatakayama, Okuhida.
    3 to 6 people, 2 families, rooms with large number of people can accommodate
    14 square meters living room on the first floor, 14 square meters bedroom, toilet washbasin, 14 square meters bedroom and maisonette type on the second floor
    Number of rooms
    Limited to 1 Room

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 9:9 Japanese-style rooms

Room supplement

10 square meters to 29 square meters

Standard room facilities

Some rooms have a toilet / All rooms Air-conditioning / Television


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / yukata / feather duvet

Facility content

Drying room

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)


Credit cards available locally

Payment of credit cards can not be done on site.

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Supplement for amenity

Both the inner bath and the outdoor bath can be used for charter only.

Wi-Fi is now available in the facility and in the rooms