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Surrounding tourism

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    • World Heritage Shirakawa-Go Gassho-style

      【90 minutes by car from Inn Takizawa】

      【Inn Takizawa, Recommended Points】
      * Collateral settlement.Lighting up in winter is nice.
      Thank you for leaving me without really breaking a nice building

      ~World Heritage Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go Gassho-style~
      In the area where the building with the architectural structure with the principal ridge is the largest, there are currently more than 100 buildings together with large and small.The size of the gassho village is the largest in the country, and it has been selected as a national Groups of Traditional Buildings. It is registered as a World Heritage Site in December 1995 and will celebrate this year's 20th anniversary.There is a value in the place which is still used as a place of real life, and it is a place different from the communal ruins private village in other areas.The scenery of the village against the backdrop of the nature of the Foot of Mt Hakusan of Foot of Mt Hakusan
    • Kamikochi

      【80 minutes by train, bus and others from Inn Takizawa】
      *Transfer to the bus from Hirayu Bus Terminal

      【Inn, Takizawa, Recommended points】
      * Kamikochi yearning.Trekking, mountaineering Mecca.
      It began to be cold in the morning and evening.It is comfortable in the shade of the shade during the day as well.

      ~About Kamikochi~
      Kamikochi known for its famous Japanese tour course in Takahara.From early summer to fall it is crowded with many tourists.Because it is located in the Takayama belt, you can see various Takayama plants and butterflies.The most common course is the Nature Research Road that connects Taisho Pond and Tashiro pond Taisho Pond, and can be reached within 2 hours from the starting point of Kappa Bridge. I want to take a rest at a hot spring after I am tired.
      * Let's observe the leading Japanese highland routes walking plants and butterflies!

    • Takayama City Sancho Town Preservation District of Historic Buildings

      【60 minutes by car from Inn Takizawa】

      【Inn Takizawa, Recommended Points】
      * Old Hida no Machiya remains.
      Many fancy shops that made good use of old private houses
      For those who like old folk houses, shops that made use of the old private houses from now on, those who build houses will be studying.

      ~Takayama City Sancho Town Preservation District of Historic Buildings~
      An old street with many houses built from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period, centering on the Kamisanno Town center and the Kamisanno Town of Kamisanno Town, developed as a merchant town. In order to maintain the landscape, we have continued thorough protection, such as using all the wires under the eaves.Also, on the street there are Hoba Miso shops dealing with specialties from Hidatakayama such as sake and Hoba Miso.
      * Keeping the historical and cultural streets of Hidatakayama